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Finding 'home' in Bologna is:

An Excellent Introduction to the City
Through apartment hunting you will quickly get to know all the winding Medieval streets and characteristic neighborhoods. After the first two weeks, your map will become a souvenir and Bologna will start to feel like home.

Immediate Full Immersion in Italian
Making appointments to see apartments and meeting with the Italian students will immensely improve your conversation and comprehension skills. You will feel well on your way to fluency and ready for courses at the University of Bologna.

A Very Personal and Life-Learning Experience
Watch an unfiltered, homemade video in which students informally talk about various topics related to housing in Bologna: making that first phone call, breaking language barriers, strategies, priorities, roommates, rent, etc:

Your Choice of Roommates and Room
BCSP just requires that you live with Italians because this is the most effective way to learn the language and about the culture, and this is why you have chosen Bologna. Choose the apartment for the roommates; friendships with them really are more important than a clean bathroom or a single. College life in Bologna will be enjoyable and rewarding under the wing of an Italian student!

The Housing Meeting, held your first day in Bologna, will help get you started, and the BCSP staff is always available to guide you through the search. The process is independent, but you have as much support as you need. Everyone successfully finds housing within the first two weeks.

During orientation you will stay with other students on the program at a hotel just down the street from the BCSP office and a two minute walk to the university area.