Bologna Blogs & Videos

The Spirituality of Food: un'americana in Italia, a feature-length documentary by Sky Dylan-Robbins, a BCSP alumna from Northwestern University, was created during her year abroad in Bologna.

“Today, the 'experience' of food has become a societal obsession. Filmmaker Sky Dylan-Robbins decided to get to the root of it all by moving to the food capital of the world, Italy, for a year to discover the gastronomic secrets that lie inside the most simple - yet arguably the most delicious - food on earth.” – Sky

BCSP also thanks Sky for the making of our internship video, a very valuable contribution to the program! We extend our gratitude to Rodolfo Disi Pavlic (BCSP and University of Notre Dame alumnus) for his starring real-life role!
BCSP Internships at Bologna Medieval Museum

BCSP 2012-2013:

Noelle Turtur (University of Chicago), a Viewpoints Columnist for The Chicago Maroon, her university's newspaper, and a History major, writes about cultural issues, traditions and events taking place in Bologna. Her poignant observations take into consideration the broader Italian national signifiance and include thoughtful analogies with situations back home in the U.S. Noelle's experiences while abroad are also of personally profound relevance and discovery. As the author genuinely expressed in her most recent essay: "It took putting myself in the midst of a chaotic and incomprehensible world for me to hear my own voice for the first time."

Matt Glodz
(Cornell University) is blissfully doing just what every study abroad student in Bologna wants to do, as Matt puts it: "...the last few weeks have pretty much consisted of going to class, studying, cooking, and exploring Bologna at night." A few of Matt's weekends are, of course, dedicated to travel throughout Italy. Last weekend he went to Naples; next weekend he's off to Torino for a Slow Food Festival. All of his (food) adventures are being colorfully documented through 'mouth-watering pictures', to quote the author. Warning: if you read the blog on an empty stomach, you should have a good Italian restaurant open downstairs or else your hunger will lead to a plane ticket's voracious purchase!

Adriana Golindano (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) is a travel blogger. If you are looking for advice on what to see and what to do in Italy, check out where Adriana's been to: church-turned-pizzeria in Verona, castle Torrechiara just a bus ride away from Parma, people (and statue) watching in Florence's Piazza della Signoria, swing dancing in Bologna's Piazza Maggiore! While we can't wait to see where Adriana's future adventures will take her, we completely agree with what she wrote after only two weeks in Bologna: "My mom told me that I would fall in love during study abroad. She has no idea how right she was! Although I know she was teasing and speaking about a study abroad romance, I have truly fallen in love with this city. Everyone should visit Bologna, Italy. Seriously."

BCSP 2011-2012:

Augie Bossu (University of Notre Dame) captures the unique beauty and atmosphere of each city he visits in his blog: My Bologna has a first name... Allow Augie's words to lead your immagination's journey throughout Italy, and, if you've already been, you will want to return. If you've not yet made the trip, you'll want to follow in Augie's footsteps!

Sam Park (Indiana University), BCSP's official photographer for the Spring semester, lets his pictures say a thousand words about his experiences in Bologna.

Bernadette Myers (University of Kansas) has been dreaming of studying abroad in Bologna since she fell in love with Italian literature and Italian food. Now she will put her Italian language skills to the test while making Italy's renowned college town, otherwise known as the food capital of the world, her new home away from home.

Sarah Tolman (University of Wisconsin) blogs about her study abroad experiences: making new friends, eating good food, learning her third language, adventuring to new destinations, and more! The blog is entitled 'Just a Bunch of Bologna' but Sarah is serious about making the most of her year in Italy.

Brea Johnson (Indiana University) provides a panoramic view of Italian life in her weekly Friday column entitled ‘Bologna by Brea’ featured in the Indiana Daily Student.

BCSP 2010-2011:

Britta Blanski (University of Minnesota) offers a glimpse into her life as a student in Bologna.

Allie Cooper (Indiana University) presents a collection of her varied experiences in Bologna including finding a home, understanding the academic system, getting used to a new pace of life and traveling in her personal blog.

BCSP 2009-2010:

Marc Campasano (Cornell University) documents his semester in Bologna in his "Full of Bologna" blog.